Intellectual Property, Trade Marks, Branding, Legal Advice & Notary Public Services

Our Services

Our experienced lawyers will guide, advise and assist you on the full spectrum of intellectual property matters and related commercial legal transactions.  We have assisted our clients from a wide variety of industries including fashion, wedding, electronic accessories, manufacturing, automotive, computers, robotics, information technology, telecommunications, medical, food and beverages and entertainment.

We have particular interest and expertise in trade mark protection and use, the legal intersection between branding/marketing and IP as well as issues on the internet (such as online marketing and websites).

Bloom-favicon General intellectual property services

We provide general intellectual property services such as:

  • IP portfolio management, audit and due diligence;
  • strategic planning, risk management and advice on the protection of your IP (local and global);
  • IP commercialisation (eg licensing, assignment and protection);
  • advice on other types of IP including copyright, confidentiality and trade secrets; and
  • IP and importing/exporting

Bloom-favicon Trade Marks

We provide comprehensive services on the full spectrum of trade mark matters including:

  • providing advice on brand selection, filing strategy and meeting trade mark requirements in Australia and New Zealand;
  • trade mark clearance, searching and watching;
  • trade mark filing, prosecution and registration (including Madrid applications);
  • oppositions;
  • non-use removal actions and revocation actions;
  • trade mark infringement and defence;
  • trade mark watching and surveillance services;
  • trade mark portfolio management, audit and due diligence; and
  • strategic planning, risk management and advice on the protection of your trade marks (local and overseas).

Bloom-favicon Branding, marketing and online issues

We provide advice on IP in the context of marketing, branding and online issues, including:

  • packaging advice and trade mark use;
  • website terms and conditions;
  • online marketing and keywords; and
  • social media policies for work-related social media platforms such as LinkedIn

Bloom-favicon General legal advice and commercial transactions

We provide legal advice on matters related to your intellectual property such as:

  • licensing and assignment;
  • IP ownership;
  • trade secrets and confidential information;
  • trade practices issues;
  • trade mark infringement and passing off;
  • copyright; and
  • other matters arising out of an IP portfolio.

Our qualified lawyers are also able to assist with providing practical and professional advice in your associated transactions, contractual and commercial law such as:

  • supply and distribution;
  • manufacturing and licensing;
  • non-disclosure agreements; and
  • consulting agreements.